Anne Hilty, PhD, writes on topics of travel and culture, with an extensive portfolio and always more in progress. From New York City,  Dr Anne has lived abroad since January 2005 — and has solo-travelled to 113 countries on 6 continents. She now lives in Istanbul and maintains a company in Hong Kong.

*Updated 11 March 2023

–> 195 articles (+ 40 reprints) in 20 publications, 8 books, 1 book chapter, 10 columns, 2 essays, a short story, her thesis, & a few blogs — to date



  • “Sea Women and Sea Urchin Soup: Jeju Island, Korea” in, Taste of Islands (©2012; ISBN-10: 0919013740; ISBN-13: 978-0919013742)


Articles [widely cross-referenced online]:

In, National Geographic Traveller AU/NZ [Sydney]:

In, Yonhap News Agency [Seoul]:

In, Jeju Weekly [Jeju City, ROK]:

In, Science Donga [Seoul]:

  • Jeju Haenyeo: Indigenous Knowledge of the Sea (10/2012) [Korean language only]

In, Seoul Selection [Seoul]:

  • Streetwise in Seoul, ongoing column (2005-2006, 10 in total)

In, SEOUL [Seoul]:

  • Jeju Island: A Resort-style MICE Destination (05/2012)
  • Feminism and Art Collaborate (07/2006)
  • A Love Affair with Korea (07/2006)
  • Spring Blessings (06/2006)
  • Happiest Man on Earth (05/2006)
  •  Mad About English (04/2006)
  •   A Modern-day Shaman (04/2006)
  •   Yongo Ajuma (03/2006)
  • Wither the Korean Market (02/2006)

In, Jeju Sori [Jeju City, ROK]:

  • 목욕물 버리려다 아기까지 버리지 마라!  (05/09/2014; Korean language only)

In, Dynamic Jeju [Jeju City, ROK] [by Jeju government for IUCN World Conservation Congress, 2012] – print only:

  • Jeju haenyeo, matriarchs of the sea
  • Tamna and the origin of Jeju people
  • Jeju, environmental model to the world
  • Jeju’s multi-layered culture of Samda

In, Dream Jeju 21 [Jeju Government Provincial Council, Jeju City, ROK] – print only:

  •  The Need for a Foreign Advisory Committee (12/2011)

In, Korean Quarterly [Minneapolis, US]:

  • Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part II (Summer 2016)
  • Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part I (Spring 2016)
  • Spirit-infused: The living tradition of Jeju Island shamanism (Summer 2015)
  • Jeju’s Women Divers (Spring 2015)
  • Feminism and Art Collaborate (Summer 2007) [reprinted from SEOUL]
  • Castles in the Sand (Spring 2007)

In, Destination Deluxe (was, The Source Asia) [Hong Kong SAR]:

  • Phoenix Rising (21 MAY 2010)
  • Walking in Spirit (14 MAR 2010)
  • Creativity as a Spiritual Path (30 JAN 2010)

In, Positive News [Hong Kong edition]:

  • Peace Begins at Home (02 JUN 2010)

In, Mensa Means [Hong Kong SAR]:

  • BodyMind Intelligence (JUN 2010)
  • Emotional Intelligence (APR 2010)
  • Consciousness (FEB 2010)

In, Portwatch [Hong Kong SAR]

  • Transpersonal Parenting (MAY/JUN 2010)

In, Holistic Asia [Hong Kong SAR] [no longer exists; Peter Lloyd, former editor]:

  • Animist-Humanist: Modern-day ‘Shaman’ (06 FEB 2010)
  • Western Psychology in Eastern Cultures: Mismatch? (06 FEB 2010)

Articles Reprinted [with permission]

In, Korea Times [Seoul]:

  • Distinct dialect of Jeju threatened with extinction (10/14/2011) [reprinted from Yonhap News]

In, Korea Herald  [Seoul]:

  • Beyond tangerines and palm trees: Jeju’s unique culture (11/13/2011) [reprinted from Yonhap News]
  • Jeju’s goddess of the hearth (06/23/2010) [reprinted from Jeju Weekly]

In, News Jeju [Jeju City, ROK]:

  • Trauma and healing: Jeju’s path toward full recovery [in Korean] (04/03/2013)

In, NETKOA [Los Angeles]:

  • Jeju Olle and the Korean psyche (Jul-Aug 2012, vol. 10) [reprinted from Jeju Weekly]

In, Headline Jeju [Jeju City, ROK]: [All reprinted from Jeju Weekly]


  • “The Trauma that Dared not Speak its Name” in, Jeju Writers Anthology (Autumn 2011)
  • “Goddesses, Shamans, and Diving Grannies” in, Imprint, Hong Kong Women in Publishing Anthology (2016)

Short Story [fiction]:

  • “Sea Girl” in, Imprint, Hong Kong Women in Publishing Anthology (2017)




Current: American Mensa / MENSA International; American PEN / PEN International; Business & Professional Women International [Hong Kong, New York chapters]; International Travel Writers Alliance; Prior: Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators; Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society; Korea Writers Assn [Jeju chapter]

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