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Articles [widely cross-referenced online]:

In, National Geographic Traveller AU/NZ [Sydney]:

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In, Jeju Weekly [Jeju City, ROK]:

In, Science Donga [Seoul]:

  • Jeju Haenyeo: Indigenous Knowledge of the Sea (10/2012) [Korean language only]

In, Seoul Selection [Seoul]:

  • Streetwise in Seoul, ongoing column (2005-2006, 10 in total)

In, SEOUL [Seoul]:

  • Jeju Island: A Resort-style MICE Destination (05/2012)
  • Feminism and Art Collaborate (07/2006)
  • A Love Affair with Korea (07/2006)
  • Spring Blessings (06/2006)
  • Happiest Man on Earth (05/2006)
  •  Mad About English (04/2006)
  •   A Modern-day Shaman (04/2006)
  •   Yongo Ajuma (03/2006)
  • Wither the Korean Market (02/2006)

In, Jeju Sori [Jeju City, ROK]:

  • 목욕물 버리려다 아기까지 버리지 마라!  (05/09/2014; Korean language only)

In, Dynamic Jeju [Jeju City, ROK] [by Jeju government for IUCN World Conservation Congress, 2012] – print only:

  • Jeju haenyeo, matriarchs of the sea
  • Tamna and the origin of Jeju people
  • Jeju, environmental model to the world
  • Jeju’s multi-layered culture of Samda

In, Korean Quarterly [Minneapolis, US]:

  • Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part II (Summer 2016)
  • Goddesses and Strong Jeju Women, Part I (Spring 2016)
  • Spirit-infused: The living tradition of Jeju Island shamanism (Summer 2015)
  • Jeju’s Women Divers (Spring 2015)
  • Feminism and Art Collaborate (Summer 2007) [reprinted from SEOUL]
  • Castles in the Sand (Spring 2007)

In, Destination Deluxe (was, The Source Asia) [Hong Kong SAR]:

  • Phoenix Rising (21 MAY 2010)
  • Walking in Spirit (14 MAR 2010)
  • Creativity as a Spiritual Path (30 JAN 2010)

In, Positive News [Hong Kong edition]:

  • Peace Begins at Home (02 JUN 2010)

In, Mensa Means [Hong Kong SAR]:

  • BodyMind Intelligence (JUN 2010)
  • Emotional Intelligence (APR 2010)
  • Consciousness (FEB 2010)

In, Portwatch [Hong Kong SAR]

  • Transpersonal Parenting (MAY/JUN 2010)

In, Holistic Asia [Hong Kong SAR] [no longer exists; Peter Lloyd, former editor]:

  • Animist-Humanist: Modern-day ‘Shaman’ (06 FEB 2010)
  • Western Psychology in Eastern Cultures: Mismatch? (06 FEB 2010)

Articles Reprinted [with permission], In Korea Times [Seoul]; Korea Herald  [Seoul]; News Jeju [Jeju City, ROK]; NETKOA [Los Angeles]; Headline Jeju [Jeju City, ROK]




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